Silverlit Ycoo Maze Breaker Electronic Robot For Ages 3+

Electronic robot Maze Breaker with smart path tracker mode. An inspiring robot that enhances kids imagination with more than 8 features!

Put it in maze and it will find the way out! It can follow a black line, get out of the maze, or stay in a black line frame. The package includes a route map. The robot reacts to different sounds and has voice recording and replay mode. It dances with different sound effects and melodies. Different Mazebreakers can interact with each other.

Features and specifications

  • Path tracker mode
  • Follow mode
  • Recording mode
  • Replay mode
  • Dance mode
  • Different sound effects and music
  • LED eyes
  • Multiplayer mode

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Product code: 7530-88044


Dimensions (cm)
L: 18 W: 9 H: 20.4
0.29 kg

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