Sapientino Educational Game A to Z For Ages 3+

A simple and fun educational game, offering preschool children an easy way to learn the Alphabet and many new words. Stimulates the development of memory, observability, logic and manual skills.

This game helps the child to develop and acquire:

- Read and Write

- Word composition
- Understanding text and images

- Logic and observability

- Recognizing
- Associating
- sorting pictures, letters and words

- Autonomy

- Ability to make decisions and execute appropriate actions

- Mobility

- Hand and motor skills training
- Game tool

- Memory

The box contains:

- 52 puzzle-card mushrooms

Made in Italy

The educational games of Sapientino are a timeless and innovative series, designed to support the learning development of children during preschool and school age. They have been studied by special educators and psychologists and have been tested in schools. They cover a variety of educational topics helping children to develop essential skills and knowledge in a simple and fun way!
Product code: 1024-50751


Dimensions (cm)
L: 22.8 W: 5 H: 29.5
0.55 kg

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