Sapientino Educational Game Write Through Play For Ages 3-6

WRITE THROUGH PLAY is a progressive educational game, based on the correspondence between letters, images and words, from the two sides of the cards, to help teach the little ones to write and read. The child carefully observes the pictures, identifies the letter on the puzzle piece and tries to find the appropriate word. After joining all the puzzle pieces, the child tries to write the word on each card (with capital letters on the front and lowercase letters on the back). Thus, through simple games and exercises, the child easily learns the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet, associating them with elements whose name begins with those letters, training the writing of words, keeping the writing tool correct, developing fine hand movements.
Product code: 1024-50355


Dimensions (cm)
L: 29 W: 26 H: 5
0.6 kg

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