Silverlit Ycoo Robo Kombat Remote Control Battling Robot Training Pack For Ages 5+

Robo Kombat! Remote controlled battling robot with power fist now in unique training packaging! Train by yourself in training bot and get ready for the real battle. Practice with the Training Bot before the real battle!

Features and specifications

- LED illuminated eyes
- 5 actions
- Realistic punching sound effect 
- Power Fist with Combo Punch!

3 exciting Gameplays

- Training Mode with training bot
- Challenge Mode-Battle with A.I (requires at least one extra Robo Kombat to unlock these game mode)
- Versus Mode-Battle with friend (requires at least one extra Robo Kombat to unlock these game mode)

Each pack includes

- 1 remote controlled robot
- 1 remote control
- 1 training bot
- 1 training bot stand offering endless hours of fun

Up to 4 players can battle at the same time!

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Product code: 7530-88053


Dimensions (cm)
L: 30.48 W: 11.11 H: 26.67
0.68 kg

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