AS Games Board Game Hidden Object Preschool For Ages 3+ And 2-6 Players

The ultimate observation game for preschoolers, with double-sided cards and boards, for infinite combinations!
With two game plays:
1. Find the item that starts with the letter of the card: All players are looking for any object on the playing board whose name starts with the letter of the card. Whoever finds such an object first, places a chip on it.
2. Find the object of the card: All players search on the playing board for that item. The first player to find it shouts I found it! and places a chip on the object.
The faster you find the items, the faster you will get rid of your chips! Whoever succeeds first, wins!
The game contains double-sided cards that form a different playing board each time, double-sided cards with letters and objects and chips in 6 different colors.
A fun game for 2 to 6 players, ages 3 and up, that develops the following educational values:
- visual perception
- hand-eye coordination
- alphabet
- image matching
Product code: 1040-21312


Dimensions (cm)
L: 25 W: 5.2 H: 25
0.55 kg

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