AS Games Board Game Don T Wake Up Daddy For Ages 5+ And 2-4 Players

It is late at night and you are lying in bed. Suddenly you remember the chocolate cake in the fridge and you can not resist! You have to cross the whole house on your toes to the fridge. Watch out for obstacles that make noise and can wake up Dad! Spin the spinner to determine what color space you will move to. If your cards do not match in this picture, you must push the buttom of the alarm clock as many times as the number on the field indicates. Just hope that Daddy will sleep through the alarm. If not, he'll pop up and make his nightcap fly off! 
The first player to reach the fridge, wins the cake!
The game includes the dad with his bed, 1 playing board with a spinner, 16 cards, 4 pawns, 1 sheet with stickers and an instruction manual.
For 2-4 players, aged 5 and up.
Product code: 1040-30006


Dimensions (cm)
L: 26.9 W: 8 H: 26.7
0.5 kg

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