Silverlit Ycoo Robo Kombat Remote Control Battling Robots For Ages 5+

Robo Kombat! Remote controlled robot fighters with power fist! Challenge your friends or train alone for real battle with artificial intelligence. Fight, don t give up and be the ultimate champion!

Features and specifications

- LED illuminated eyes
- 5 actions
- Realistic punching sound effect
- Power Fist with Combo Punch!

2 exciting Gameplays

- Battle with A.I.
- Versus Mode (battle with friends)

Each pack includes

- 2 remote controlled robots
- 2 remote controllers offering endless hours of fun

Up to 4 players can battle at the same time!

No matter what you are looking for, we are sure you ll be able to find the right product in Silverlit robots universe. A full range of robot toys with a common goal: technology for all ages and interest. Fun, innovative, yet interactive.
Product code: 7530-88052


Dimensions (cm)
L: 45.72 W: 11.11 H: 26.67
0.95 kg
Logica si spiritul de observatie
Logica si spiritul de observatie
Cunostintele si Intelegerea lumii inconjuratoare
Cunostintele si Intelegerea lumii inconjuratoare
Abilitatile motorii
Abilitatile motorii

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