Agerino is children’s best friend, who has been their companion for a long time now, to the endless and incredible journey of knowledge! With Agerino, children discover the world and develop new skills in a simple and fun way. Aside from other skills, they also develop their observation, critical thinking, memory, emotional intelligence and imagination. Agerino toys have been carefully studied by special pedagogue and psychologists and have been tested in numerous schools and kindergartens. You can choose from a wide selection, the toy that is more suitable to your child. Agerino toys cover many topics and are suitable for children aged two years and above.

Blue Range

It is aimed at children aged 2 years and over. Through easy and fun games children come in contact with the first concepts in a unique way! Cute animals with their moms, happy fairy-tale heroes, shapes and colors that appear in large, durable and colorful cards, as well as electronic toys specifically designed for toddlers!

Red Range
This range is deal for 5 years old children and over. Just before going to school, children acquire more advanced knowledge while at the same time they learn how to write, tell the time, and distinguish months, seasons, and much more! By playing games with more advanced difficulty, they acquire knowledge around various educational topics in a fun way!


Agerino is all children’s best friend, developing throughout the years their skills and knowledge in a fun way! With Sapientino, children discover the world, develop new skills, learn new things and make new friends.

All Agerino toys have been carefully designed by special educators and psychologists and have been successfully tested in schools and kindergartens.

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