Toy safety is a priority, therefore:

1. Buy toys that match your child's age

2. Always look for the CE mark to ensure that the toy meets the relevant standards, which are among the most demanding in the world.

3. Always read the inscriptions on the packaging to be informed about the game components and how to use the product.

4. Always show the child how to use the game correctly.

5. Avoid high-powered toys to protect your baby's hearing, but also those that include cables, batteries, etc. or have sharp edges.

6. Make sure that different part of the game are not easy to remove – ex: eyes of the toy.

7. Gather all toys in a storage box or cart to avoid accidents.

8. Wash fabrics, plush or textile toys, as well as plastics, washing them in a tub with detergents specially designed for children's clothes.

It is important that every day we make time for our children and play together, trying to keep their interest and curiosity alive. During that time, the TV, phones or other devices should not distract you. 

You can inform us electronically by filling in the contact form for consumers here. Once we receive your request, we will contact you directly to help. For effective communication, you should keep and remember your request code. Our games usually have a one-year warranty period.
All our games are accompanied by a one-year warranty. The purchase receipt or game change card is proof of the date of purchase and you should keep it for every AS game you buy or give you a gift. We recommend that you keep a photocopy of your purchase receipt or change card in case you lose them.
You can fill in the form for cooperation and a sales representative will contact you directly.
Our games are available in toy shops, e-shops, amusement stores, supermarket chains and bookstores. 


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