Toys for children of 3 years old

At a glance

Children of this age love to use their imagination as well as play with other kids. Each day they understand more and more, they are curious and eager to learn new things. Gradually, they develop their motor skills, and that enables them to play with different types of toys.

AS offers a wide variety of toys that cover every need of 3 year old kids, such as:

Drawing sets, play-dough, building sets, stickers

Educational games with cards & electronics

Puzzles with large pieces

Dolls, figures

Vehicles, circuits, action figures

Scooters, sports games, collectibles

Sensorial Development

Children are able to recognize sounds around them, experience music and various tones and focus their attention on something for a short period.

Cognitive development

Children understand the concept of space, the relationship between cause and effect, and at the same time they gradually acquire skills that will enable them to solve more complex issues.


Children can better understand the meaning of equivalent, disguise, and socialize.