AS Company is synonym to Good and Safe Toys

For us, the safety and quality of our toys play a vital role in terms of the company operation and course to-date. These are very important values to us since we have to deal with children and their recreation.

Therefore, all of our toys are accompanied by a safety and quality guarantee, which makes them suitable for both children and their parents.

A few words around safety…

A special European law is in place, which is constantly renewed, and sets the standards in terms of manufacturing a safe toy.

a) All our toys are marked with “CE”, which means that our toys are being manufactured in compliance with the European Safety standards. Moreover, on each toy we mention our brand name and logo, our address as well as a manual in Greek as per the European guidance.

b) Please read carefully the age-guide labels in order to make sure that the toy of your choice is safe for your children, as well as the manual which is included.

c) Be extra cautious with the toys that are signed with the symbol that indicates that the toy is prohibited for children aged 0-3 years old. This is because the toy may contain particles that are very small; therefore there is a high risk that the child may swallow it and choke.

d) Please note that some toys may require the supervision of an adult when they are being assembled or they need to be assembled according to specific guidelines.